Membership is easy – Matrix Friends & Family is the most accessible program in the industry. Join as a FRIEND member and see your rewards add up quickly.

What will your purchases earn you?
What rewards would you like to earn?
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Become a FRIEND member with minimum purchase of $2,000 per year in Matrix product.
How easy is that?...Very!

$2,000 = 1 tube of color per day* or 1 bottle of Biolage per day!*
*Based on 52 weeks per year; 6 days per week

Your rewards add up quickly!
With minimum $2,000 in purchases, you can redeem your points for accessories, backbar or logowear

And that’s not all!
You’ll also INSTANTLY** qualify for education rewards!

As a Friend Member, you’ll receive 1 ticket to an in-store class to redeem anytime throughout the year.
Check your account page for more details or click on EDUCATION Rewards.

** Rewards are based on prior year purchase levels and are part of total education support. New members will receive rewards as your purchases accrue throughout the year. 

See How Your Purchases As Friend Member Translate Into Rewards!
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