Family Bond Bonus


Can you IMAGINE DOUBLE points?
Once you’re a Family member, you’ll have the incredible opportunity to take advantage of our Family Bond Bonus and DOUBLE your points as a reward for your loyalty!

What will your purchases earn you with DOUBLE POINTS? What rewards would you like to earn?
Click on “REWARDS CALCULATOR” to find out!

Here's how the FAMILY BOND BONUS works:

1. Purchase Matrix color across all 3 Color Categories, $500 or more per quarter:**
Permanent Color: COLORINSIDER, SOCOLOR or Logics Colorcremes
Demi-Permanent Color: Color Sync, Gloss Sync or Logics Imprints
Lighteners: Light Master, V-light, colorgraphics2, Logics Light Reactions or
Logics Luminous Cream Lightener

2. Purchase ANY Matrix haircare or styling totaling $500 or more per quarter.

Once you meet both criteria, for an average of 4 quarters, you'll be earning DOUBLE points on your haircolor and haircare purchases. Now watch your rewards add up even quicker!

See How Your Purchases As Family BOND BONUS Member Translate Into Rewards!
Family Purchase